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ideas for filming the Olympics

Aug. × ’08

Instead of shooting every event like a basket ball game (following all the players back and forth):

shoot it like Reservoir Dogs:

the competitors faces, next to one another, running toward you, slow motion on the really fast events.
This tactic will lure ‘women’ to become more interested in sports.
And you can remove the get-to-know-the-athelete clips:
person in [...]

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dance party

Jul. × ’08

Christina Ewald is wearing saran wrap, scrub pads, and cupcake tins.

This was shot by Fritz Donnelly (myself in purple sparkles) and David McDaniel (in black with pointy shoes) and Lauren (invisible) at SWOON MAGAZINE’s recent party (July something 2008).
The music is played live by Preacher and the Knife. What started as another DressMeUp, TellMeWhatToDo [...]

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