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12thMar. × ’09

Take Note - ch 4 - How to Live the Good Life -Fritz Donnelly from fritz donnelly on Vimeo.

“Take note…the sentence has been made and there is no fixing it.” Check out the book here: lulu.com/content/4713879 .

Video by Fritz Donnelly shot by Christina Ewald.
Chapter 4 of How to Live the Good Life by Fritz Donnelly. For more videos see: tothehills.com .

Below are two summaries of the chapter with some background from previous chapters.  If you prefer to jump into a video not knowing much about it, don’t read the below and just watch the video above.  If you like some background, if you read the backs of books, if you listen to what friends say about movies before you’ve seen them, then read 1 below and/or 2.


Take note of your surroundings with a pad and two pens.  Make sure the pad is ready at hand and don’t be discouraged by loud noises, such as may be heard on the new york city subway.  Try to remain cool.  Though those are old shoes, probably no one thinks your homeless.

In previous chapters the main character resolved to look for one rule each day.  Each new rule should lead to greater happiness and fulfillment, until the ultimate set of rules has been found.  Anyone can follow these rules to lead a life of magnificence.  So is the hope,  anyway.


In which the main character endeavors to take note of everything remarkable. On the subway he discovers that the two colored pens he has taken are each the same color, under the blue cap is a black pen. The train is so loud that he begins a petition for a ‘quiet ride.’ One person signs the petition, a child, who it later becomes clear has merely copied the protagonist’s name on a separate line. Many people glance at the protagonist’s shoes, he notes 38 times, and he becomes concerned that he appears homeless. Upon returning home he asks himself, “who is the master afterall, the shoes or the man?”

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