Eat and Know

29thMar. × ’09

The story so far:

The main character has decided to try and find the one set of rules that anyone can follow to a life of magnificence and fulfillment.  He resolves to formulate one rule each day, to test the rules on himself.  Until today all the rules have been working splendidly.

This is the plot of this chapter, read it after watching if you like surprises:

The main character is hungry.  He starts to eat his new ‘all natural’ groceries.  A fly almost flies into his mouth.  His sister calls.  She tells him that there’s no such thing as ‘all natural.’  He’s distraught. The rule ‘Buy All Natural’ is now meaningless.  He decides to cross it out, and you should go back and cross it out too.

Video by and starring Fritz Donnelly shot by Christina Ewald
from the new novel
How to Live the Good Life: The Complete Book of Rules
available here:
and at St. Marks Books in New York City

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