To the Hills 2: 25 Independent Short Films in One - the complete movie online, here, free!

31stMar. × ’09

Here is “To the Hills 2,” the complete film.  I’ve clipped it from Hulu for you to watch here.
The film is available on DVD from
To the Hills Studios here on Amazon.

This sequel to the original To the Hills features new, strange characters, striking cinematography in Williamsburg, Harlem, Bushwich, and every up-and-coming or down-and-going neighborhood in New York. If you’re sick, it will make you better. If you’re down, To the Hills will bring you up. It’s the first collection of short films to give the satisfaction of a full-length film while pushing the film medium to its limits. If you want new and different, you’ve come to the right place.

Films include: the award-winning Finanial Advice (as seen on TV in New York City), Awkward Social Situations, Real Estate Pro, Live’N'Maintain, Milk Industry, Astronaut’s Diary, How to Pitch a Movie, Actor, Subway Conductor, The Extraordinary Origin of Everyday Items, Everything I Know, Wrestle_bach, Dr. KYG, and the shoot-em-up-in-the-snow-adventure Clone War 3.

“you might think you know a lot of people. . . but I know more people” (from Financial Advice)
“If somebody asks you a difficult question, just think with your face” (from Awkward Social Situations)
“I make stuffed animals: people want a pet but they don’t want it to die.” (from Milk Industry)
“Sweet as ice, man, ice tea.” (from Live’N'Maintain)

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