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7thJul. × ’08

(giraffe, dog, and rainbow images created by Christina Ewald and taken from hiChristina.com )


Short films alongside Interactive performances an astounding 7 days in a row!

Be a part of the fun this week as SLIP takes us through Fritz Donnelly’s imaginary wonderland of insanity and love! Come prepared for anything and everything as you first kick back, eat some popcorn and enjoy short films about peanut butter animation, vampires and nudity, then take a jello(shot?) and PARTICIPATE! in the interactive performances that follow!

Every night is different so who knows where you may end up– One night you could be attending a real high school class and learning Chinese after viewing a subtitled Chinese film, the next defeating the dragon in Dungeons and Dragons after watching comedic short films about peanut butter, still the very next night your in a head lock after watching action movies and learning karate. Come on- be a kid again let your imagination run wild!

FRITZ DONNELLY tothehills.com
JUNE 27 - JULY 3, 2008 at SLIP 154 Orchard Street between Rivington and Stanton
See the complete works of Fritz Donnelly. Each night has two components. A series of short films (about 45 minutes) and a different live performance. Each night is unique.

Friday June 27

Fast Times at Junior High revisited
short films: Junior High School Peanut Butter Animation, Deep Springs College Labor Video, Brown University Peanut Butter Dancer Video
performance: Play Dungeons and Dragons with the MASTER, and fight the DRAGON!!!! (We need dice… someone may need to bring some-thanks!)
Saturday June 28
Breakfaster Club - A Full High School Day in 60 minutes - No Tardies!

short films: Blue Lobster (50 minutes, Fritz’s first “feature” film)
performance: a full day in High School (with lunch) condensed into 60 minutes - get your schedule - see who you’re sitting next to - cut class - hit on the teacher

AT MIDNIGHT - a special screening of MOONSHINE a full-length vampire movie shot by filmmaker prodigy Roger Ingraham

Sunday June 29

How to Understand Everything about Power by Studying Monks
short films: “How Drive the Car,” “Paper Grunts,” “Boardroom” and other To the Hills 1 shorts with clips from the TO THE HILLS TV SHOW that aired on MNN
performance: a medley reading from of Fritz’s college papers on Aesthetics mashed up with Medieval History and Soviet Art

Monday June 30

Is China Taking Over YOUR World? (Answer provided)
short films: Short Strange Wedding Video shot in the Hamptons, Segement of a Million Dollar Chinese Feature Film that Fritz edited, Foreign Language “Instructor” and more
performance: a beginning conversational Chinese Class taught by Lao Wang (Fritz Donnelly)

Tuesday July 1

Let’s Be Scientists
short films: How to Keep a Kitten a Kitten through Massage and other pseudoscience films from To the Hills 2
performance: Let’s be Scientists - learn how to be a scientist in your off hours and during sideways time - a conversation among CASUAL SCIENTISTS
Wednesday July 2
FIght n Win
short films: How to Fight n Win Action Movies
performance: How to Break Holds and Defend yourself with mat practice

Thursday July 3

Dress Me Up, Tell Me What to Do
short films: 12 DRESS-ME-UP-TELL-ME-WHAT-TO-DO movies
performance: a live reading of the screen play CREDIT CHECK - email Fritz for a copy tothehills(at)gmail(dot)com and to be a part of the cast, the audience chooses the costumes for the readers from a pile of naughty clothes
admission is $7 and includes popcorn and jello(shots?) and a raffel ticket with chance to win free prizes like tothehills DVDs

Christina Clare Ewald wrote
at 1:40pm on June 28th, 2008
yes. can’t wait for class tonght!!

Winkel Mark wrote
at 8:59am on June 28th, 2008
Will there be any dissection?

Ire Cortes (Toronto, ON) wrote
at 3:58pm on June 26th, 2008
yayayaaaaaaa fritz on the fritz
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    Inspire scientists to dream of new bandages, cleaners, tape, and even harbor fantasies of spiderman come true


    citizen scientists

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    It’s 1975 And This Man Is About To Show You The Future

    (Scenes From An IBM Slide Presentation)

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