HiChristina applies for grant as FRIEND

29thNov. × ’08

Christina applied for a $7,000 grant from the New York Council for the Arts as a New Media Artist.
Her performance? Friend.

Help Friends Movehelpfriendsmove2008
MATERIALS car, loads of stuff
DIMENSIONS 12 foot by 4 foot by 6 foot
TYPE OF WORK/ DATEOFWORK performance, 2008
NOTES Minnesota to Manhattan. Manhattan to Brooklyn

Christina Shows It’s Possiblechristinashowsitspossible
MATERIALS metal bar, body, cane, broken foot, chair
DIMENSIONS 6 foot long
premise: you can go upside down, even with a broken foot. result: cheers.

Cut a Friend’s Hair and Clean Up After
Christina cuts a friends hair - look out Fritz
MATERIALS scissors, broom, dust pan, human head of hair
DIMENSIONS 3 by 1 by 1
NOTES haircuts are expensive, but can be free when given by a friend or friendly stranger.

Christina Throws a Benefit
Christina's broke(n) foot benefit
MATERIALS space in Manhattan, email list, phone, paper, tape, broken foot
DIMENSIONS 20 feet by 12 feet by 12 feet
NOTES raise money for a good cause. over $700 raised in amounts of $20 or less.

Christina Comforts Serially Cheating FriendChristina comforts friend
MATERIALS unused stair, comforting arm
DIMENSIONS two people
NOTES a friend in a stable relationship serially cheats. is it ok? Christina comforts without passing moral judgement. “It’s your fault, but you’re still great.”

Christina Throws Event in Furled Underroos Christina throws event with Fritz
MATERIALS projector, filmmaker, films, friends, underoos
DIMENSIONS small storefront
NOTES tothehills short films, you can get them on Amazon or watch them online, but why not watch the latest cuts in the company of friends? that’s a rhetorical question.

Unsolicited TestimonialTestimonial
DIMENSIONS ten lines
NOTES a stranger salutes Christina for changing her life.

Christina Clare Ewald
154 Orchard Street
New York City, NY 10002


Befiended mother and father, 1982
Made friends with twin neighbor girls Stacy and Stephie in White Bear Lake, MN, 1985
Cared for new baby sister Laura Ewald, MN, 1986
Friends with kindergarden bus seat partner Melanie Rosenthal in Apple Valley, MN, 1986
Life long friendship formed with biology partner Micheal Anderson at Apple Valley Senior High, 1994

Attended Saidies dance with Steve Dalhead at Apple Valley Senior High, MN, 1997
First kiss with Tony Radecki at Apple Valley senior High, MN, 1998
Sexual experience in Mrs. Radecki’s Toyota while watching planes land in Richfield, MN, 1999
Fell in Love with Fritz Donnelly, NYC, 2008

Helped Cleo Fishel move into new apartment at 1st and 14th, NYC, 2008
Dinner party with Richard Sandler, brought wine and a record, NYC 2008
Collaborating and supporting Fritz Donnelly, NYC, 2008

Helping tourists with directions the best I can
Always available to help friends move to a new apartment
Giving advice and counsel to those in need
Giving loving support to all

This artist fellowship will be used for continuing to spread love. Making people happy and giving everyone the chance to be understood. HiChristina is a space that rarely exists in urban environments. People feel welcome and are accepted in this non-judgmental atmosphere. We can all be artists if we smile at every person we meet. Life is art. Make it count and make friends everywhere you go.

The photos are all current. The testimonial is from 2006.

Photo 1: I am helping Joe O’brien move across the country from NY to MI, 2007
Photo 2: Horsing around in HiChristina before an opening for Scott Kiernan and Paris Mancini that I hosted at the space in August 2008
Photo 3: Sweeping up after giving a friend a much needed haircut, 2008
Photo 4: Whooping it up at HiChristina, having lots of fun with friends at the Broke(n) foot benefit, 2008
Photo 5: Consoling a friend Ewa after she had a hard day, 2008
Photo 6: Hosting the Camera Obscura event making sure everyone has what they need, 2008
Photo 7: A testimonial from a stranger describing how I changed her life, 2006

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  1. Posted December 9, 2008 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Unsolicited Testimonial:

    July 20, 2008 11PM Rockaway Beach, NY

    Christina carried me in from the ocean after a wave had knocked me semi-unconscious and broken my arm. She dressed me and took me to the hospital. She navigated the bureaucracy and supported me every step of the way.

    In my opinion, any support that Christina can get in her “friend” project will be have a “mulitplier effect,” allowing her to spread her love to the wider world.

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