Predict the Future

6thNov. × ’08

Predict the Future

predict the future

(at HiChristina October 17, 2008 by Fritz Donnelly and Christina Ewald)

Each person was given a piece of paper and asked to write down predictions for the future in increments, 1 year, 5 years, and 50 years from now.

Predictions for the future??????
1 Obama elected, Fritz lives in NYC
5 ?
50 ?
this is hard for me.

perception will

Building Squatter with 30 years experience

This man who starred in his own “DVD” which I won I a raffle on my last visit to “Me Cristina” just gave me this cash register paper which is slick to write on because it’s like semi gloss—I just happened to walk down Orchard St—and this happened—not so cool to write on because of the slickness, I prefer matte absorbine paper.

Retired Administrator Karen “time is on our side”

One year…….clothing is more expensive. The days of cheap clothing passes because demand is
down and wages are higher in China. China has begun to let farmers own and sell their land or
develop it in an effort to develop rural china. Price of oil is still low…..$80 per barrel. Housing
in usa has begun to recover with low mortgages available. USA is in deeper war in Afganistan.
China is buying Africa. Environmental movement is on growth path……jobs. Infrastructure for
municalities and states is subsidized by Uncle Sam. Frugality is hip. Helping each other, bartering
is more common. Healthcare for children is in place.

5 years………Solar and Wind support electrical needs in some places. Autos are more efficient so
mass transit hasn’t gone anywhere. Organic foods are the standard food. There has been a breakthrough in health science of some kind……maybe cancer, maybe altzheimers. Viruses are smarter and harder to get rid of. Less people retire early, more people are unemployed and have moved to rural areas to live more simply. Mom and Dad are grandparents, Evie and Fritz are parents and are happily engaged in creative pursuits. Body parts that are part nonorganic are common, perhaps there has been a discovery of regenerative cells, perhaps that takes 10 years.
World is still divided with those that have and those that have not. Religion still has its hold
on people to justify split.

50 years…….People live to 120 healthily. People can choose when to exit life. Brain chips are
common as a short cut to learning. The world has alot more water surface and communities float
because of this. Animals are treasured and propagated. Food is very expensive and rarely
grown in soil. Evie and Fritz are grandparents and the best of friends. Companies rule the world,
not countries. Communities exist as special places where people choose to live because of
shared values. People have to qualify to have children because of resources. Violent crime
only exists as planned. criminals are brain treated and reprogramed. Fresh air and fresh water
are the most valued commodities.

5 years 50 years

Artist Scott Kiernan

There will be a massive equake in SF. BUT it will reveal unknown gold deposits!
NEW GOLD RUSH! Fame and small fortune of the nonfinancial sort for all.
My sinuses will finally clear up.
I will have yet another camera stolen from me along with other mini crises.
Underwear on the outside will be yet again in fashion.
Technology Regression Faction
BICYCLE JACKINGS will be on the 8pm news.
More shit will melt, bad news.
Beer will be the cheapest consumable.
Summer of Love.
Trials for War Crimes.

We will still speak without speaking.
Wastefulness and greed will exist but in far smaller amounts, at least in America. This history will now be more manifest in other places. World power will continue to be a useful ghost to some.
Handheld media devices which project in real space will render the gallery space stupid and lead to more traffic accidents.
I will be 32.
A new cuneiform will be developed as a code to fight the powers that be.
Summer of Loathe = Beginning of FERAL AGE.
People wear their possessions around their neck.
US will be a desperate nation.

50 years

I will look fondly on memories of “HiChristina” from a cube in the 18th dimension tenements, eating a frozen yogurt drink pellet.
The woods will mourn their former selves.
I will speak without speaking, still.
Eyes will be able to see into th skull cavity, perception will be…
Binary will answer everything thing. The only language.

Host Fritz Donnelly

The dollar is 15, pesos or yuan or cents—it’s hard to tell. School of Self-Expression merges with the Hall of Self-Improvement. You meet a new artistic type each in these lineages:







In-a-Band Man






Rome! The Roman Empire, the Pope—Hello Pope ( a new Pope, a woman Pope) What’s going? Does ‘God ever Answer’ the subject of a funded study. And yet! We are all doctors, nurses because of Rudimentary Medical Training in Elementary, Junior High. A parallel government, education and social matrix has emerged.



Blue is no longer a color or an attitude it is the name, the impostor.

Musican Declan Zimmerman

Start Here
1 Year
October 17, 2009. My cats will be FATTER and I will be thinner. High of 78 degrees. I am here at HiChristina with my 1 year old friends. Robots keep calling my cell phone. But we all still wait on hold, still way too much. I perform a nostalgic song about the Spring of ’09, when I fell in love with an astrophysicist who then broke my heart.

5 Years
Barak Obama is still President. Sarah Palin is President of Alaska, which ha seceded and is selling us over-priced oil. Flat screen TVs considered clunky. Declan Zimmerman big on college radio, which is listened to huh? by no one anymore. Tang still available. 90s “retro” fashion is in. the poetry has been retired. Organic Doritos. Scott’s predictions will still be more interesting.


50 Years
I am way old. However I expect to live another 25 years. Jesus’ return still imminent to believers. Global warming has been reversed via climate engineering but now too much cooling. Panic ensues about the coming Ice Age. TANG company out of Shanghai. Segue-shoes are how we get around. Streets are paved with linoleum. Computers will be so small everyone loses them like their keys People live on Antarctica. World powered by solar energy. Ears surgically repaired so I can hear just fine.

Photographer and Swede Jonny

Predictions 2009
1 Year
American economy is doing worse, for some reason Obama gets the blame ‘cause he can’t fix it. The world follows a lot of whining. But the cats of lower Chinatown doesn’t care because they head no money before.

5 Years
Jonny is 34 years old and can’t leave America due to tax debts. Mastercard and Visa have finally succeded in getting the hole world in debt. How the fuck owns the credit card companies anyways?

50 Years
Skinny Baggy pants is on the way out of fashion. Gentleman bikers are the new black. It’s raining all the time. No one really knows what’s going on in China. Svenglish is the new language. Jay boy is breathing fresh air in a big farm outside Toronto with his lovely wife. He bread 5 kids that now work for the Nationala Environment Army! Jay successfully robbed 8 right-wing bankers 30 years back and fled and started a self-sustainable farm with 8 other like-minded couples and individs. Create a mini-society full of energy trees and different environmental-friendly solutions. (We are all wearing silver clothes that recharges our computha everything innit. I have white hair and black Supinox Sunglasses for sun is strong strong.

Scientist Ilir

100 years
We will find life on distant stars. 99% will be too distant to talk to. The really cool ones we will realize died 50,000 years ago.

1 year
Republican will suggest we outlaw affirmative action because a black guy became President and a woman, almost.
We will find out that something harmless is terrible for us: sunscreen or vitamins or maybe cosmetic dentistry.
Total real estate collapse for 5-10 years.

5 years
We will begin to tie a rope to a satellite and build a magic space rope to the sky. It will be called something dumb like, A Space Elevator.
We will go back to gas guzzling cars (with solar-powered coffee warmers).
There will be no wild-caught fish in the fish store.
There are no laptop or desktop computers.
Hamburgers will eat people
The first person will be cloned. It will be an annoying rich person. And he won’t tell anyone until year 10.
Cat people.
Triple Emperor Matresses.
Paper-towel sized toilet paper.
Deep fried pancake sandwiches.
We test people for heart-disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, in Elementary School.
First chimp-human hybrid eats first Neanderthal clone.
You will be able to walk a mile in a city without seeing a library, a bookstore, a record store, a video store, stationary shop, radio station, TV station.
We will make the first artificial life-form. It will be slightly greasy.

50 years
For 20 years major immediate causes of death, stroke heart disease, 75% of cancers, are either managed everyday or cured. Limbs can be replaced. As an unfortunate result: most people suffer from “Wearing Out Syndrome”—a slow loss of 1% of the brain due to atrophy, a year, the average person has 30% less brain than today. As a result, when touring old homes we tell people the doors are smaller because people were shorter and they had books because they were smarter. People will look like this:
[a huge round blob with a queasy expression on its face].
We will all wear the same thing. This will be called “fashion.”
We will live in private corporate towns and have to buy shares to visit folks.
There will be no nostalgia industry past 2020 as nobody is forced to watch the same entertainment at the same time. (Most people will be unable to write [almost illegible].)
Milk will be outlawed.
The mammoth will be cloned, found to be delicious, and become extinct again.

Fashion Designer Alisha


Present [nice handwriting, she grew up with her grandmother]
Alisha identifies with the colloquialism “young, broke and fabulous”
Next Six Months
Valley of the Dolls Phase
One Year from Now
Alisha is still fabulous, no longer broke.
2009, September
First magazine cover.
Alisha Trimble is the most photographed fashion designer in the USA.
Barbie Doll in my likeness.
World fame. Release life story. Censored for scandalous content.
The new Mother Theresa = Mother Fuschia.
Alisha lives in an enormous unkempt castle with 3 vanity tables covered with stuff. She has found all she is seeking in life and enjoys it with her dear friends.
Valley of the Dolls Phase Part 2
Buried next to Elizabeth Taylor.
Exhumed due to mysterious cause of death scandal.


Programmer Ethan

China lands on the moon.
China moves entire population to moon.
Chinese moon population cuts off all communications with Earth, having become self-sufficient.
Chinese population begins to evolutionarily diverge from contemporary humanity. Owing to superior moon nutrition and reduced gravity. New generations are, on average, 10 feet tall.
Chinese moon men, with ambitions of world domination, return to Earth. After initial successes they fall victim to newly fragile skeletons and collapse under Earth’s gravity.


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