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Take Note

Mar. × ’09

Take note of your surroundings with a pad and two pens. Make sure the pad is ready at hand and don’t be discouraged by loud noises, such as may be heard on the new york city subway. Try to remain cool. Though those are old shoes, probably no one thinks your homeless.

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A full day of Highschool in 8 minutes

Sep. × ’08

Taxi Driver on the Curb: This is the future of art. People want to see live thing. Flesh, be with people. They want to see fancy things, video effects, some lights. This is lights and action and cameras. Everyone is photographed everyone is acting. Big stars for everyone.
Art Curator: [...]

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Deaf-friendly films and a day of highschool in 50 minutes

Jul. × ’08

It turns out I have deaf-friendly movies. A woman came to the screening but her date left before we started. Here are the movies I showed and how they’re deaf friendly

Fable - shower fight movie with subtitles part of the How to Fight n Win action movie series
Paper Grunts - stop motion drawing
Writer [...]

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